Phoenix Production

A full range of professional services in the field of video, photography, and broadcasting. We provide you with quality content for you and your business

Phoenix Production

A full range of professional services in the field of video, photography, and broadcasting. We provide you with quality content for you and your business

Phoenix Production creates creative content of any complexity.

Video shooting

Professional video content to promote your business,
preserving family values and creating a personal brand. Creation of image videos
videos, promotional videos, training videos and testimonial videos. Family films and announcements.


Professional photography of an important event, occasion or meeting. Photo shoots for family photo albums. Business photography and portfolio. Subject photography and food photography to promote your business.


Professional online broadcasts of presentations, briefings, exhibitions,
festivals, sporting events, conferences, trainings, concerts
programmes, competitions. Multi-camera live broadcasts in up to 1080p quality

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Phoenix Production

Rhythmic gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics

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List of tournaments

Below you can see the list of tournaments where we or our partners work

Open Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship “FENIX CUP – 2023”
Open Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship “FENIX CUP – 2023”
10.06.2023 – 11.06.2023
4th International “Friendship Cup”
03.06.2023 – 04.06.2023


Phoenix Production offers a wide range of services for creating unique content for various purposes. Our team specialises in professional video filming, which allows us to translate your ideas and concepts into high-quality and engaging visuals.

One of our areas of expertise is video production for business promotion. We help companies present their business, achievements or new products by creating effective and engaging commercials. We also provide event announcement services, which allow you to quickly and effectively announce upcoming competitions, conferences, weddings, anniversaries, and the opening of new salons or stores. We also help to create original product design and market promotion by recording video instructions or demonstrating its new functionality.

Image videos for personal brands are also one of our specialities. We understand that individuality and effective presentation of yourself or your company are important aspects. That’s why our team of professionals is ready to help you with this not only in video shooting, but also in composition, location selection and creation of unique scenarios. We create image videos that emphasise your personality and make you stand out in the market.

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About us

History of productions

— how it all started

In 2017, an unusual project called Phoenix Production (Phoenix Studio) appeared in the picturesque city of Kyiv.

It was a video and photo production that was able to turn any idea into a spectacular visual embodiment.

Our mission

We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and professionalism in every project, pushing the boundaries of creativity and introducing innovations.

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Charity Organization
«European Assistance Fund»

Charity Organisation "European Assistance Fund" (CO "EAF"). Our goal is to combine the resources of active people who care to solve social problems that need help. Join us and help together with the charity organisation "European Assistance Fund"

Charity Organisation


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Today, photography has become a part of our lives, without which it is difficult to imagine Instagram and Facebook, a personal page or blog, an online store, a presentation or demonstration of the latest technologies. At the same time, the quality of the photo content, the format of presentation and the mood it conveys are very important. Phoenix Studio offers a wide range of services for photo shoots in Kyiv. A professional approach, an extravaganza of creative ideas and unique equipment allow our team to create photos that we are proud of. They successfully sell and promote, demonstrate and highlight, preserve in memory and give unforgettable emotions!

In our company, you can order the services of a professional photographer and get some useful recommendations from our team on such important moments of photo shoots as a gift.

Right now you can order professional photography for: a wedding,
sports event or conference, presentation, any entertaining
events in a kindergarten or school, corporate events, as well as a portfolio.

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Adarchenko Photography

Official partner of Phoenix Production

Adarchenko Photography

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